Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Difficult Follow-up

I have officially entered the horrible world of Writer's Block.

Sure, I pushed on through it whilst writing the first novel but with this second novel - Deluge - it seems to be back with a vengeance. The confusing part is that I know roughly where I'd like the story to go, but it's the getting there that's the tricky bit. The plan is laid out, everything is seemingly in place and raring to go... yet it's struggling to even move.

Maybe it's the heat of the day, maybe it's trying to write whilst holding down a full-time job... or maybe it's because every time I settle down to start writing the cats both decide that's also the perfect time for them to go mental. After charging at each other sideways like energetic crabs, tails as thick as salamis, they think it's great fun to run relay races back and forth across the back of the couch and along the window sill (regardless of the fact that we're three floors up!). Then after exhausting themselves the little girl settles in to pine over the birds and squirrels she can see running around outside whilst the little boy is contented to nuzzle up against my leg and affectionately chew on my foot.

With my attention well and truly divided, the evil Writer's Block relishes once again in his triumph. Damn.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Feeback welcome!

As a newly published writer it goes without saying that things might start off a little rough. And by saying that I mean the standard of writing - not just sales! Try as one may, minor errors in grammar and/or spelling mistakes are almost inevitable - even after countless hours spent editing; painstakingly scrutinising with a metaphorical tooth comb. Automated spell and grammar checks are a massive aid, yet not impeccable. In publishing my work, I do so confident that I have eradicated all such grammatical or orthographic blunders, yet am fully prepared for the odd little tiddler that managed to slip its way through the net.
The same can be said of the plot. I am fully confident that all gaping holes in the plot line have been filled. In the past it has always annoyed me when I have read a story with blatant errors, contradictions or holes so big one could park a car inside. It is for this very reason that I have toiled over GENESIS like a labour of love.
However I am not so proud as to refuse to admit my shortcomings. If anyone discovers a mistake of any kind, be it glaringly obvious or subtle, I would cherish your opinions and feedback. After all, I write for people to read just as much as I write because I love to write!

And so it is that I present the first of six novels of the CHILD OF THE GRYPHON series, entitled GENESIS.  The first story introduces the main protagonist, one Gabriel Millar, an average teenage boy living in an average town - or so he thinks. When tragedy strikes his whole life is turned upside down. He awakens to find himself in a new world hidden away from the humans for centuries and is reunited with a grandfather he never knew he had. Only then does Gabriel discover the truth about his origins and learn that the idea of man evolving from the Great Apes is but a partial truth...

The book is available on Amazon and on multiple different formats on Smashwords.